About USinoIP **

Main areas USinoIP has served in include

  • Patent search and analysis
  • Patent FTO analysis
  • Patent technology transfer
  • Patent invalidation and appeal
  • Patent training
  • IP management
  • USinoIP, a boutique IP brand, is founded in 2014 by Mr. Liu BinQiang, former senior patent examiner at China Patent Office (SIPO) for more than 7 years, LLM IP from UNH Law, MS/BS Degree in Mechanical Engineering. Ever since its creation, USinoIP is dedicated to provide high-end high quality IP service for clients of every scale.

    USinoIP’s managerial team is made up of former patent examiners, lawyers and corporate IP engineers. USinoIP has presence in Beijing, Xi’an and Dongguan in China and Washington, DC in USA, where USinoIP has a strong collaboration with local boutique IP law firm Stein IP LLC.

    USinoIP’s core competency lies in both expertise and all employees’ dedication to provide non-compromising value-adding service for customers. For Chinese clients seeking IP protections abroad and foreign applicants wishing to have their IP in China, USinoIP is your non-second choice, either you are individuals ,and start-ups.

    USino IP is not owned by Stein IP LLC